Get the version of the installed Azure PowerShell cmdlets

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function Get-AzurePowerShellVersion

## – Section to query local system for Windows Azure PowerShell version already installed:
Write-Host “`r`nAzure PowerShell installed version: ” -ForegroundColor ‘Yellow';
(Get-Module -ListAvailable | Where-Object{ $_.Name -eq ‘Azure’ }) | Select Version, Name, Author | Format-List;

## – Section to query web Platform installer for the latest available Windows Azure PowerShell version:
Write-Host “Windows Azure PowerShell available download version: ” -ForegroundColor ‘Green';
[reflection.assembly]::LoadWithPartialName(“Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller”) | Out-Null;
$ProductManager = New-Object Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ProductManager;
$ProductManager.Load(); $ProductManager.Products | Where-object {
($_.Title -match “Windows Azure PowerShell”) -and ($_.Author -eq ‘Microsoft Corporation’) } | Select-Object Version, Title, Published, Author | Format-List;

How to change the Global Administrator Password with Azure AD Sync

If you have to change the password of the Global Administrator account that you have configured in Azure AD Sync, then you have to do this in the old Sync Service Manager. Although you can set another password in the Azure AD Sync wizard, the password is not updated on the Azure AD Connector.